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Using Reiki As a Complementary Way of Treatment
Nowadays there are various ways in which a person can be treated. Most of the people go to the hospital when they feel pain in their bodies. Yet, in most cases a cumulative treatment is needed. Reiki is a healing technique which can be used both all by itself and along with other medical or naturist treatments. Because Reiki has no side effect, it is recommended both in physical conditions as well as for treating mental or emotional trauma. There are many reasons for which it is advisable to use Reiki as complementary treatment.

First of all it has a positive effect upon all the things that a person ingests. Thus, whether you are drinking teas or taking medicines to cure one of your sufferings, the positive energy (Ki) enhances their powers, making them more effective in treating your diseases. Also, because it involves balancing the flow of positive energy from inside the body, Reiki is highly useful in minimizing the side effects of different invasive treatments. It is recommended to be used after surgeries, during chemotherapy or other similar invasive treatments as it will help the body heal faster, thus the patient being able to leave the hospital faster.

In addition to this, Reiki acts at the level of the soul and intellect too. Many people are scared, disoriented and angry after suffering an invasive procedure and they tend to give up their hope. A Reiki practitioner can bring those people their hope and well being back by counteracting the effects of the negative energy and by leaving the positive energy flow through their body undisrupted.

Reiki can also be used as an adjuvant in psychological treatments. Improved memory, trauma treatment as well as self confidence and self esteem are the most common effects of Reiki. There have been people who, with the help of the psychologist and regular Reiki sessions have got over serious traumas in their lives and have learned to live a happy and positive life once again.

Reiki is great as a complementary technique. However, if you decide to start a Reiki session in parallel you must let you doctor know, so that they can adjust your program and your treatment accordingly.

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