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Harmony - One of Reiki's Key Principles
Reiki has been first established by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist in 1914. After a period of 21 days spent in fasting and meditation he had a revelation and discovered the way through which he can use the vital energy in order to heal people's suffering and improve their mental and emotional condition. Just by energy transference

The principles on which Reiki stands are simple: live in harmony with the ones around you, prevent anger from entering in your soul, be honest and honor the ones who have done something good for you. Thus, only through harmony one can prepare their body for receiving the healing energy. The reason for this is quite simple: when people do not leave in harmony with one another they permit anger and negative feelings to invade their souls. With the negative energy inside their body, the flow of vital energy is disrupted and some areas of the body no longer receive enough energy to keep them functioning the right way. Unless this situation is solved fast, the blocking of positive energy leads to serious illnesses and diseases.

These diseases can be healed or at least alleviated using Reiki, yet if the negative feelings come back on a regular basis, a thorough healing is not possible. Moreover, there are great chances that the conditions will get worse as time goes by and more and more Reiki sessions will be needed in order to restore the balance of Ki energy inside the affected body.

This is why, Usui insisted that a normal person who wants to be happy and live a calm life should always stick to the Reiki principles. They are the only ones who can offer people a healthy and healthy life. Thus, if you are constantly angry and tend to forget that all people have a soul which need to be protected, it is time to look for positive feelings inside you. Only by living in harmony with the ones around you will be able to attract the vital energy and ensure its continuous flow through your body, only this way you will protect you body, mind and soul of any type of problems.

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